The LARPers vow of Promiscuity

I’m going to deal with another retro LARP-manifesto classic, just so I know I’ve covered it off.  This time it’s a pair of documents, The Manifesto of the Turku School and The LARPers Vow of Chastity.  I’m not going to break them down like I did Dogma 99, I’m just going to flag them up, and then talk […]

Dogma 99, Part 5

Last two!  I’ll have to think of something else to talk about next week. 9. Game mechanics are forbidden. I like it, I like it a lot, but the quote from the follow on in the manifesto is “(rules for the simulation of for instance the use of violence or supernatural abilities are not permitted)”.  It’s […]

Dogma 99, Part 4

I’m going to run through three today, in the hope of limiting this set of posts to just five… 6. Superficial action is forbidden. Another one I would be very interested to try as a device, just not right now.  What they mean by “superficial action” is, basically, violence, or the threat of violence.  They’ve […]

Dogma 99, Part 3

4. All secrecy is forbidden. This one interests me in an abstract sort of way.  I’m not sure it’d suit the needs of a serial game, because I think/hope that part of the enjoyment for players in games I run is finding out what’s going on in play, and reacting to it in the moment.  Additionally, I […]

Dogma 99, Part 2

There are two items in the manifesto that I think are driving at the same thing from slightly different angles, so I’m going to cover them off together. 2. There shall be no “main plot”. As anyone who has played in my games will attest, this is one I’m disposed to pretty much reject outright – not […]

Dogma 99, Part 1.

So I’m working my way through slightly over a decade’s worth of writing about LARP, and while I know a lot of it is old hat, a decade and more later, it’s probably still of value to me to read it, think about it, and write about my responses to to it.  Some of it […]