Violence in LARP 1: Context

Last year, in a post on part of the Dogma 99 manifesto, I wrote: When two characters cannot agree to disagree, their methods for settling their squabble, nine times out of ten, are some form of violence, be it physical or supernatural. I can bang on for a bit about why this is, but it […]

Child-like gaming

I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past few months.  Partly, I’ve been thinking about it as I see my friend’s and family’s kids grow up, and I think about the challenges of running games for children, rather than adults and partly I’ve been thinking about it in relation to games based on children’s […]

Radio Silence

Sorry, it’s all gone a bit quiet around here. I’m currently expending most of my LARP-brain energy on writing a basic system to use for our next LARP, which means I have less time for abstract theory in amidst all the annoying maths, and trying to work out how to mechanically incentivise certain kinds of […]